A python generator which has tools for making offset grids. Great for making dynamic maps to clone onto in Mograph.

C4D - Matrix Draw Helper Plugin

The matrix draw helper is a workflow tool that allows you to visualise more in the viewport when working with mograph, whilst keeping viewport speeds nice and friendly.

C4D - Animation trigger python effector

This was my entry for the C4DAPT challenge. Essentially it's an effector for triggering animations in a mograph setup with a weighted effector. 

More info on how to use it in the video:

C4D - Gradient Sequencer Python Effector

Lets you control gradients through your mograph setups at various speeds and scales. To add to that. it can be controlled by a spline interface.

C4D - Python Batch Take Maker

Allows you to create multiple takes based on an image sequence and an animation length parameter. This is more of a foundation of something to build your own batch take settings than a ready to go tool.