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C4D - Select every other point in a spline

I've just received a request for a way to select every other point on a spline in C4D. Here's my way of doing it. The script can be found on the downloads page. Here's the code with comments:

import c4d

def main():

    op = doc.GetActiveObject() # Get the active object
    if not op: return False #If nothing is active, end the script
    #If the selected object is not a spline, end the script
    if not type(op) != c4d.Ospline: return False 

    #Get the selection object which the object uses to manage what is and isnt selected
    sel = op.GetPointS() 
    sel.DeselectAll()    #Deselect everything to begin with

    cnt = op.GetPointCount() #Get the number of points in the object
    for i in xrange(cnt):    #Loop through the point IDs
        if i%2 == 0: sel.Select(i) #If the number is odd, select the point
        #Change i%2 == 1 for selecting even numbers 
        #Change i%3 == 0 for selecting every third pont etc
    c4d.EventAdd() #Update the scene

if __name__=='__main__':
Posted on May 6, 2017 .

MAXON - Shard Lights story

MAXON have just published a story on the Jason Bruges Studio - Shard Lights project. I've been working very closely on this project and have been telling Maxon about how we used Cinema 4D to shape this installation.

You can read the story here: MAXON - Shard Lights

This isn't the first story I've worked on with MAXON. You can find some coverage of the Jason Bruges Studio project -  Aerial Dynamics which has some interesting uses of C4D too. 

You can find that on here: MAXON - Aerial Dynamics

Posted on April 13, 2015 .

Variable cloning between two splines

I'm working on a completely parametric model for a project at the moment, which updates all of the components when the parameters are changed. This includes distribution, count and even structure.

Here's a how the distribution works:


Posted on April 10, 2015 .

Shard Lights featured on the Maxon UK Reel 2015

You can find it here (we're at the end):


Shard Lights. A pretty intensive project I worked on last year at Jason Bruges Studio. My role involved designing the content for the days through the Christmas period and the New Year Show, in addition to that I was also doing on site testing and the previz.

You can find footage of the event here:


The content animations were all developed in Cinema 4D using loads of mograph and a selection of custom python effectors. One of the process images is below:

Posted on April 1, 2015 .