The show was designed and controlled directly from the Cinema 4D timeline using a custom python plugin I created to interface with the lights. 

And here's a video which shows a bit of the process:

Here's the official copy:

Adam Heslop ( at Jason Bruges Studio ( developed Feather Light to explore the power behind the combination of Cinema 4D and moving-head lights. Creating beautiful featherlike and mesh patterns to a soundscape by Nat Self. The piece was envisioned for a live event and this video shows the testing in the studio.


Programming / Lights: Adam Heslop (Jason Bruges Studio)
Adam has a degree in Industrial Design from Northumbria and specialises in 3D visualisation. Adam works on a widerange of global art projects, using innovative techniques with architectural visualisation tools.

Sound: Nat Self
Nat Self has been on the cutting edge of electronic music for the past ten years. As a producer he has worked with a plethora of renowned artists such as Spoek Mathambo and neo-soul legend Omar. Nat has djed around the world and has held a residency at the seminal Panorama bar in Berlin. 

RUSH MH4 lights and JEM Hazers kindly provided by Martin Harman Lighting ( and supported by Starlight Design (