I've been looking into development with the HTC Vive and Unity lately. Here's the first go. C4D was used to make the context and the animations of the interactive element. I rendered the concept images in VrayForC4D. 

The idea was to develop a few pipelines established for prototyping interaction and getting animation/Mograph data into an interactive virtual environment. There are two examples in here where animated content is being brought into Unity from C4D. The first is the reactive canopy above. This is pixel mapped to a 64x64 texture which I baked to a bitmap sequence from a Mograph setup. The second is the central interactive object which is essentially one animated node exported and arrayed to a map of planes. The node itself is imported as an FBX with animation and the timeline of each is scrubbed by the proximity of the Vive controller using a little c# script.

Concept images below. (Shout out to Josef Bsharah ( for his awesome grass patterns freebie which made the greenery a lot easier to make.) 

Screenshot 2017-03-07 00.27.46.jpg