NEST - A Marshmallow Laser Feast project in collaboration with Erland Cooper. Commissioned by London Borough of Culture and the Mayor of London.

“NEST is an immersive sound and light sculpture created by Marshmallow Laser Feast with composer Erland Cooper. The installation consists of beams of light in a ring that create ever-evolving natural forms in the night sky. The lights are driven by a score composed by Cooper which draws together the local the community, Lloyd Park and its wildlife.“

I was responsible for the lighting content & interface design as well as software development for the lighting fixture control & visualisation.

Creative director: Barney Steel
Composition: Erland Cooper
Sound Design and Spatialisation: James Bulley
Lighting Director: Matthew Button
Visual interface & content design: Adam Heslop
Producer: Ulla Winkler
Co-producer: Mark Logue

Process video

This video shows some of the the workflow used to design, build and visualise the content and lighting data for the Nest. All of the light based show content is built in Cinema 4D using tools and plugins I’ve developed in python.



System screenshots

Process sketches